Hello, everybody!

Valerie Finnigan was born in Glendale, California, where she quickly developed a ravenous appetite for adventure, a taste for science fiction, fantasy, horror, and suspense, and a mind buzzing with big dreams. Some of those dreams led her to make her home in the wilds of Idaho. Some led to her through a variety of careers including firefighting and emergency services. But other dreams (and nightmares) gradually found their way into print. She has been privileged to work on Why Not?, Tiger on the Storm, Korean War, Untold Stories from Iraq and AfghanistanWorst Case Scenario: OutbreakHero by Force, and other projects currently in development.

Treycen Fluckiger is an avid gamer, writer, and human thesaurus. He loves long walks (to Metallica), driving pony cars (also to Metallica), and watching Disney movies. He has been writing stories for five years in many prestigious formats (bathroom stalls, etc.,) and at one point had a dream of selling snake oil out of the back of stagecoach until he found out what horses are. He currently resides in Idaho Falls and enjoys the fact that he can finally write in the third person without sounding pompous or insane. (Eat your heart out Derek Landy. Call me!)

Jon Funes is a proud husband, gamer, and aspiring swashbuckling millionaire. When he’s not busy battling pirates in his mind, he spends his time writing while wearing a sock monkey hat to keep him in touch with his spirit creature.

Mystie Young’s awesomeness cannot be contained in just one biographical paragraph. When her service in the US Army doesn’t keep her too busy, she draws in a variety of styles including manga.


  1. kerri says:

    Hi Valerie
    I am writing to see if you would be interested in sharing your table in artist’s alley at Salt Lake City ComicCon in March. I have a comic book I would like to try to sell, and was put on the waiting list for my own table. If you are interested please contact me ASAP. Thank you.

    • emtvalerie says:

      I think you’re referring to FanX, and normally I’d say yes, but we won’t have a table at this year’s FanX. Look for us at Wizard World Portland next weekend, though.

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