Kickstart This! Heroes Fallen Studios Commemorates The “Forgotten War.”

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Books and Other Literature

Heroes Fallen Studios, the same foundation that brought us Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan, is now trying to raise funds to print a two-volume set of true stories from the Korean War.

I once again jumped at the chance to help write, which would only make sense as I’d been lobbying to work on such a project for years. Comics had been rather silent about the Korean War pretty much since the armistice in 1953. Indeed, with few exceptions, most of the media did not pay it much attention, and we’re raising a generation that’s never even seen M.A.S.H. Having personally known some veterans who served in Korea, I found their stories too important to let them be lost to history.

Some other familiar names will be seen in these credits. Clayton Murwin, besides heading up Heroes Fallen Studios and keeping the rest of the creative team in line, provided some of the art. Dan Monroe, Richard Meyer, Jerry Bingham, Brian Shearer, and Tom Orzechowski also returned to contribute their considerable talent to another Heroes Fallen project. We were also joined by colorist Eric White and by writer, interviewer, veteran correspondent, and altogether indispensable person Scott Lee.

The first volume shows the battle of Chosin pretty much straight from the history books, but written and depicted in a much more frighteningly engaging fashion.

The second volume, to which I contributed my scripting abilities, is a collection of four shorter stories from all over the war front, and my experience working on that probably deserves a post of its own. Let’s just say for now that we all invested a lot of time, sleepless nights, and- yes- even some tears in the process of creating these books. However, you don’t have to do anywhere near as much to help get it printed. You can just visit Kickstarter to find out more and lend your support.

Thank you!


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