Valor, Hearts, Money, and the People who Steal Them pt. 2

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Valor Thieves and Other Scamming Skeeves
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Allow me to introduce to you West George, allegedly from Freeport, Maine, currently claiming to serve in Karachi, Pakistan.


He had sent me a friend request on Facebook not too long ago. Like the generally optimistic person I am, I accepted. He quickly sent me a message. “Hello, baby,” it read, albeit with no capitalization or punctuation. “Thanks for accepting me.”

That was the first red flag. Then again, I don’t like being called “baby,” especially by some guy I don’t even know. Still, my gut told me something was up. I politely asked how he was doing, and I checked his profile.

That raised even more red flags. I saw that among his Facebook “friends,” he listed no friends or family from Maine and no fellow soldiers as friends. His only Facebook friends were women in or around Idaho. And he only posted two pictures- the one above and another showing him wearing the more current ACU. As the woodland camouflage print has not been in use by the Army for ages, I asked how long he’d been in the Army.

“About seven years,” he replied.

I asked what he was doing in Karachi.

He said it was for “peace keeping.”

I asked what his MOS was. His response, in all its mangled English, was, “im gonna tell you later as you know every thing in military is confidential and privacy i think you know this?”

“Not everything is,” I replied. He didn’t know what I was talking about, so I listed some of the various jobs in the military that aren’t all that sensitive.

He changed the subject. “I would love to know you more,” he said. “How is your family?”

I said, “Great,” then asked him his rank.

He didn’t answer. He just asked if I was single or married.

Now anyone who knows me knows I’m happily married and fiercely devoted to my husband. Of course, based on what I observed about West’s other Facebook contacts, that could only mean he’d have to abandon the dating scam angle and try something else. As he selected targets who were known for their patriotism and their support for the troops, he still had something he could use to manipulate us, but I think he realized he wouldn’t be able to sucker me when I mentioned I have friends who’ve recently returned from Afghanistan. The conversation ended there, but my work was not done.

I contacted my friend CJ, sent him a link to West’s Facebook page, and wasn’t surprised when he confirmed my suspicions. I then alerted West’s other Facebook contacts, and that’s when I uncovered a whole lot more- but that will be the subject of another post.

Meanwhile, “West George,” I’m keeping an eye on you. Update: I’ll be keeping an eye on you, “West,” not the poor soldier whose pictures the folks at confirmed you stole.



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