Valor, Hearts, Money, and the People who Steal Them pt. 3

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Valor Thieves and Other Scamming Skeeves
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We’ll call this woman Wendy. After receiving warning about our previous subject, “West George,” she alerted me that somebody else had attempted to scam her and involve her in possible shipping fraud.

As for what I will call the accused, let’s just say the name he’s using doesn’t look that of the guy in the picture.


“Christopher Scott” says he’s a captain in the US Army from Ft Washington, Maryland. With that, the rugged looks of the man pictured, and a cute little puppy dog, who could possibly resist? Even I’d succumb to the awwww factor if I didn’t suspect something up. And a lot of people have. Based on who I see commenting on and liking his posts and pictures on Facebook, most are women, none are fellow soldiers, and none are from Maryland.

Wendy corresponded with him for a while. She told him she was a former military wife, and that’s when, as she put it, “he pushed the big sale.”

Once he figured she bought it, he asked if he could send her some personal belongings and items he’d collected in Afghanistan. When she started asking questions, however, his responses became, as she said, “few and far between.”

He then told her he couldn’t get on Facebook often enough and requested her email address. She gave that to him, and soon received the following email from a third party, an alleged shipping agency.

Dear Esteemed Customer

This is to acknowledge the receipt of your consignment.Be informed that
your Consignment with deposit registration No:QTL/3219 Ref: QTL 3219 has
been set for delivery and your delivery protocol has not been activated.

You are to note that your package has not been moved due to the
registration/delivery charges has not yet been completed.the total charge
of this delivery is 1520 U.S Dollars but the registrant of this parcel Mr
Ingel Deglesia George only paid the sum of 500 U.S Dollars,

Meanwhile your shipping tracking number facility will not be activated
while package is yet to be processed for delivery.Tracking number will be
given to you as soon as the balance of the payment is made.

So you owe us the balance of 1020 U.S Dollars and it will be paid before the
delivery process starts.

Note that as soon as the deposit of the balance $1020 Dollars is paid and
confirmed, your Package will proceed for immediate delivery to your
location within 48hrs after receipt of payment.

You are advise to send the fee through Western Union/Money Gram to our
correspondent officer in United States with the information below.

The email then gave the name of an “area representative in the United States” and an address in Garden City, Kansas and insisted that payment go through this “representative” for documentation and processing. Wendy, being a now very suspicious former military wife, did not send a penny.

As for “Christopher Scott,” I tried to contact him. So far, no dice.

  1. Nicole says:

    Haha same story for me. Different name but same story. Had lots of love letters for weeks and everything was just too perfect. Then he wanted me to get these parcels for him. Same reference number etc. got straight onto the action fraud team.

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