Shouts from the Whispernet

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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No, I’m not referring to a Kindle reading device that’s suddenly making a lot of noise. That would be a lot more fun to write about. Rather, I’m referring to the culture of misogyny in the comic book industry and the code of silence that allows sexual harassment to continue. People would talk about who to avoid only in whispers and advise new comic book creators to avoid being alone with one writer or be careful talking with another artist, but wouldn’t do anything else. Out of fear of reprisal, of being labelled a troublemaker, of being doubted, defamed, and perhaps eventually driven out of work, women would simply appear to go along and get along.

Not any more. Some people are breaking that code of silence and even beginning to name perpetrators, and I say it’s about time.

These links will show you stories of exactly what women used to take as a regular occupational hazard. Only when we stop treating sexual harassment like a regular occupational hazard and combat it wherever people commit it- whether in the offices of Marvel and DC or the lines at any convention- will we make any headway against the misogyny we all claim to oppose.

We’ll start with a message from the woman who helped start the current conversation. While Tess Fowler was a lot nicer to the offender than I think anyone should be, especially in the twenty-first century, she did nevertheless name him- and is taking monumental heat for it.

Anne Scherbina was inspired to post about her experience working for DC here.

There is also a whole lot more. Even I experienced the sting of misogyny. Up until recently, I counted myself lucky that the worst of it I got was people assuming my husband wrote all the books sitting on my table, and ignoring me.

Not any more. It got a lot worse, and I’ll tell you more as soon as soon as I’m certain discussing it won’t hurt my work.


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