Valor, Hearts, Money, and the People who Steal Them pt. 5

Posted: November 26, 2013 in Valor Thieves and Other Scamming Skeeves

At this point, I think I’ll need to create an entire category just for exposing the mil-scammers, because- to paraphrase Casey Kasem- these hits just keep on coming.


This guy calls himself “Mike Jones,” but I sure as all get out don’t see any last name where it should be. He claims to be from Chicago, Illinois, and he says he loves meeting new people around the world. I sure bet he does. It’s tough to swindle total strangers, after all.

Anyway, Mike “No Name” Jones sent me this message:

how are you doing Valerie? i saw your comment on cup of joe. you look real good and adoring, cant wait to drop you a message. i will love to hear back from you dear

So this guy is trawling veterans’ charity sites, such as Cup of Joe for a Joe, looking for possible marks. This rather alarmed and angered me, but I wish I could say it was a surprise. There is no level too low for scammers like this to stoop. On checking out No Name’s profile, I noticed he had eight Facebook “friends,” all of them women, and only one from the Chicago area.

I responded telling him that I volunteer in veterans’ advocacy, and also that I’m married and work on exposing military dating scams. But I suppose I also need to keep getting the message out to his targets and those of scum like him that sweet, compassionate patriotic ladies who prefer to assume the best of people are far too good for a guy who takes selfies of him wearing the uniform wrong.


Now I invite all my friends in the military to have fun picking apart this picture. “Kevin Larry,” supposedly seen here, sent me the following message:

hello there how are you doing..i am new here trying to look for old friends i just sow your profile and i like it i will love to know you good. Well how can I describe myself? I am a friendly, and loves to talk, and make friends, I am a person who generally gets along with people.Well, I am looking to meet new people, who are fun to be with, and know how to enjoy life.Well my interests are meeting new people and making friends,going to the gym, love reading, singing, dancing,love shopping like every other person, eating out, I could love to go on and on, but I think I am going to stop right here, hope to here from you soon

Of course, I checked his profile. He claimed to live in New York City, but didn’t seem to have any friends there. He allegedly used to live in Empire, California, but again didn’t have any friends there. The only employer he listed was “government.” An arsenal of hearts, puppy dogs, and teddy bears sporting sappy declarations of love made up nearly half of his pics. Doubtless, he used those to distract his Facebook “friends” – nearly all of whom are women – with a display of heart melting sweetness.

One of his “friends” said that he was looking for a woman to be a mother to his children. I believe that this former profile picture of his expresses his real desire more honestly.


  1. Scott Lee says:

    I get spammers on my blog and Facebook pages and groups everyday. What’s really deprave is I run private support forums and people pose as veterans and family members to get in, then they start the suggestive sell. Little info here and there and then the numbers and links come out after they’ve gained trust in the groups. I call in all the admins and we have a teaching moment.

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