Spoilerific: The Walking Dead #119

Posted: January 9, 2014 in What Mrs. Finnigan's Reading
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Okay, so I understand not everyone enjoyed the last couple issues of The Walking Dead, especially from reading the “Letter Hacks” pages. I’ve had a couple of quibbles over past hundred or so issues. Like how could Carl shoot a rifle so well with his right hand when his right eye is gone? But those quibbles are neither annoying nor numerous enough to interfere with my enjoyment of the overall stories. So I just award myself a “no prize” on Robert Kirkman’s behalf, graciously accept it, and move on.

And what an issue I moved on to- not that I disliked the previous issue, mind you. Just… WOW! While #118 was a slower, filler issue, this issue brought us beautiful character moments (especially between Ezekiel and Michonne), a couple of twists, and tight, rapid pacing hurtling toward a huge shock right at the end.  I won’t say much about that except that well, as I’ve said earlier, I learned not to get too attached to characters, but rats! I was just beginning to like Holly, and my heart’s still racing over what becomes of her.

I then skimmed the “Letter Hacks” and the ads in the back. Leave it to the folks at Image to tuck some brilliant hilarity in a book’s usually least interesting pages. “All of the danger! All of the killing! All of the swearing! Look, kids!” It’s an ad for thewalkingdead.com’s exclusive Negan action figure!

I may not get the action figure, but whoever developed that ad deserves a bonus.


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