Phat Con 2014 and Salt Lake Comic Con Fan X-Perience

Posted: January 16, 2014 in Conventions and Other Appearances
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With all the book reviews and some news of my own books, I figure it’s about time I wrote about something in the “conventions and appearances” category.


Think of a comic book convention with this lineup, including also David Wohl, Frank Mastromauro, and Vince Hernandez. Think of it with free admission. Now think of it all going down at a Dave & Buster’s. That’s Phat Con for you, coming January 18 to the Dave & Buster’s at 20 City Blvd W, Ste G1, Orange, California.

I’m sad to report that due to the working stiff gig I still keep, I will not be able to attend. Those of you who can be there, please be sure to have extra fun on my behalf, then get ready for Salt Lake Comic Con Fan X-Perience.

The inaugural Salt Lake Comic Con last September was one for the record books, it being the fourth biggest comic convention in North America, the biggest first year comic book convention on the continent, and the biggest convention of any kind in the state of Utah. Taking all this into consideration, I expect the Salt Palace Convention Center to be packed yet again April 17-19 for Fan X-Perience.

Guests- far too numerous for me to name individually- include cast members from Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Walking Dead, Boondock Saints, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, X-Men 2, the Fantastic Four, and more. Word is we’ll have a Power Ranger, a Ghostbuster, and a Monkee there, too. And we cannot forget the reason why I’ve got a goofy orange striped crocheted hat with ear flaps, Adam Baldwin. Comic book professionals scheduled to attend include Bob Layton, Jamie Tyndall, Ryan Ottley, Terry Huddleston, and yours truly, among many others.

Yes, I will be there with copies of all my books ready to sell and sign, and, as always, all the proceeds from the sale of Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan will go exclusively to veterans’ charities.

So again, have fun at Phat Con for me, and I hope to see you April in Salt Lake City.


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