Spoilerific: Amazing X-Men #3

Posted: January 16, 2014 in What Mrs. Finnigan's Reading
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I’m going to get right to the point with this review. Marvel needs to step up the schedule. If that’s not possible, perhaps we need bigger issues. Or perhaps they need to hype the book more between issues, be more generous with the previews, and so forth. I’m not so averse to spoilers that I would seek to avoid any hint of what’s to come between issues, if it means my itch for more merry mutant high adventure can be scratched while I wait. What we’re getting so far out of Amazing X-Men is fun, exciting, and just plain not enough!

With this issue, Aaron and McGuinness- with the help of Marte Gracia and Dexter Vines-  brought us lots of glorious fight scenes, witty dialogue, sweet character moments (especially for the Kuroro shippers), one of the most awesome Nightcrawler-centric splash pages to appear in any of the X-books of late, and a Beast no demon in Hell would want to cross. My only complaint? It was only twenty pages. C’mon! I want more!

  1. nostalgia.revolutionary@gmail.com says:

    what an insightful and amazing review

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