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A Call for Help

Posted: January 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

A Call for Help.


Friends and fans, I’m appealing to you today for help. A young lady I’ve known for ages is expecting a baby. Yay, right? Sadly, the child has Trisomy 18, and his prognosis is not very good. However, this young lady’s resolve to do the best for her child for however long she has him (yes, it’s a boy!) is nothing short of inspiring- as is her desire to honor her son by helping other families with babies who have special needs, have a terminal illness, or otherwise just need a stay in the NICU. She will soon be hosting a knitting/sewing party to make blankets, gowns, hats, booties, etc., in preemie and newborn sizes to donate to the NICUs in our area.

Though I rather stink at sewing, as the mother of an NICU “graduate,” I remember the stress and the heartache, and I know too well how many children do not get the triumphant “graduation” my daughter got. And I also know the difference a group of people with fabric, yarn, and bit of know-how can make to families going through anxious times with a NICU baby or a heartbreaking time losing a baby. If you’d like to join me in helping out with the donation of some fabric, patterns, or yarn, please let me know either here or in PM.