Convention Recap: Boise Public Library! Comic Con

Posted: September 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

I got back safely yesterday from what has to be one of my favorite comicbook conventions. For the past three years, the Boise Public Library! (exclamation point intentional) has put on what has to be the most fun library fund-raiser in the state if not perhaps the whole country. Granted, it’s not a very big convention. It’s only one day. It takes place not in a huge convention center, but in the library (“!”?) itself and in the warehouse across the street. The farthest guests travelled to be there was from the remote, exotic reaches of Portland, Oregon. There were no movie stars.

Now while I am excited about the possibility of catching a glimpse of Sean Astin or Chris Evans from my table at the upcoming Salt Lake Comic Con, I liked how the lack of celebrities has had absolutely no negative affect on Library! Comic Con at all. Fans show up for celebrities, true. The fact that convention organizers had to expand the artists’ alley and retool the costume contest to accommodate everyone in attendance and keep the fire marshall from having a coronary shows that fans will show up just for a celebration of comics and local creators without any movie stars, especially if it’s for a good cause.

I’d especially like to thank Josh Shapel for doing another bang-up job with organization and with looking after all of us creative types, making this the most creator-friendly convention I’ve ever attended. I especially liked how the art contest entries were posted in the artists’ alley. The competitors, even the little kids, do indeed deserve a place among the pros. Seriously, I could see the eight-year-old who designed and drew “Library Luke” drawing professionally in ten years or even less.

I enjoyed getting to meet and chat with the other creators, especially my neighbors Steve Wilhite, Jacob Bear, and Dan Feldmeier. I also appreciate those who came by my table and bought a book or otherwise contributed to getting Tiger on the Storm printed. The book is closer to happening because of you.

To everyone who missed me, I’ll be at Salt Lake City Comic Con September 24-26. Please come on by!


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