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Here’s the scoop on shopping. This blog’s usual writer, Valerie Finnigan likes giving gifts for Christmas, Chanuka, Kwanzaa, Festivus, or even no reason at all. This time of year, however, she particularly hates shopping. A lot of people have a hard time through the cold, dark winter.

However, I, Sgt. Garry Owen Kilroy Nutcracker, love this time of year more than Black Friday shoppers love doorbuster sales. It’s a time for care packages, cards, and pretending our MRE’s are as good as a homecooked holiday dinner. (The secret ingredient is imagination, kids!) Most importantly, it’s that time of year when I’m least likely to be shoved into storage and forgotten.

Anyway, I’m taking over the blog for today to talk about the perks for supporting Tiger on the Storm. The creative team behind this project is offering everything ranging from undying gratitude, to autographed books, to original artwork, and lots of military memorabilia. The books and artwork will make great gifts for the vets in your life, the comics fans, or for the kids who certainly are not being taught about the Korean War or Desert Storm in schools. The military enthusiast in your family will appreciate the memorabilia. Anyone in your family like Dean Cain, Sybil Danning, or fellow soldier Dana Bowman? Donate to this cause, and you may snag an autograph. And if you want any or all of these things for yourself. donate and you’ll find yourself on Santa’s “nice” list.

On the other hand, if you don’t support our troops, don’t like comics, and don’t know anyone who does, well, WHAT’S YOUR MAJOR MALFUNCTION?! Go find some friends who do, then get back here and donate! sgt nutcracker sez


Help Fund Two Projects at Once!

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For those of you who don’t know or remember, I said on the Indiegogo site for Tiger on the Storm that funds raised beyond what would cover the costs of creating and printing Tiger on the Storm would go to Heroes Fallen Studios.

Well, here’s how Heroes Fallen Studios would put that money to use. After publishing Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan and Korean War, they have now set up a crowdfunding site of their own to help get the long-awaited second volume of Untold Stories printed and distributed. Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan, vol. 2 includes some of the most awesome and most heartbreaking stories I’ve ever written along with art by fellow Tiger on the Storm creator Richard O’Hara, Heroes Fallen Studios head honcho Clayton Murwin, and many more.

Their fundraising goal is only $5,000. I’m going to do all I can to help, but it would be easier with help from our supporters. So you can go directly to their GoFundMe site. You can donate to the Tiger on the Storm campaign. If we surpass our goal, Heroes Fallen gets the excess. I will likely send some money to help Untold Stories go to print anyway whether or not we make goal just because I’m like that. Or here’s a radical idea!

sgt nutcracker sezWhile I was busy travelling to and from Denver’s Rocky Mountain Con, Gryphon Games and Comics in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and generally gearing up for Veterans’ Day, I took a moment to sit and chat for a while with one of Tiger on the Storm‘s toughest if not biggest supporters, Sgt. Garry Owen Kilroy Nutcracker, US Army.

Valerie: How about if we begin by telling us a bit about your background?

Sgt. Nutcracker: I don’t even know where exactly I came from, whether I was made in the USA or imported from China. But that doesn’t matter quite as much as what I actually am. I’m constructed out of a composite of many different kinds of wood, but my sap and pith are all American.

Valerie: I understand your patriotism. What drives your interest in Tiger on the Storm?

Sgt. Nutcracker: It’s really simple. The Air Force 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing flies A-10 Warthogs. Their Warthogs were first really put to the test in Operation: Desert Storm back in 1991. From then on through today, the Warthogs and their pilots have performed admirably, their close air support and search and rescue capabilities saving the lives of thousands of Marines, soldiers, and anyone else on the ground taking enemy fire. As a cav officer, I consider the Warthogs and their crews our guardian angels.

Valerie: Speaking of your rank, meaning no offense, sir, but where’s your rank insignia?

Sgt. Nutcracker: I’d been so busy going everywhere like anyone with Kilroy in the name does, that I got promoted and still haven’t had time to have the proper stripes painted on.

Valerie: And your mustache?

Sgt. Nutcracker: Some joker decided that I should join the Air Force in Mustache March…

Valerie: … Mustache March being an Air Force tradition rather than Army, right?

Sgt. Nutcracker: Exactly. And this clown painted it on my face while I was asleep. It’s not regulation, but I can’t take it off, so I look permanently like Robin Olds. I’m stuck observing Mustache March year round.

Valerie: It may only be the beginning of November, but people are already gearing up for Christmas. How are you preparing for the holiday?

Sgt. Nutcracker: Nothing. I’m a Nutcracker, so people already think I’m just a Christmas decoration. But I’m actually out all year round. I do have advice for people who are jumping the gun on Christmas, though. Take it easy and keep in mind that Christmas can be tough on some people. Don’t forget that there’s also Veterans’ Day. Think about doing something nice for some Marines, Airmen, Sailors, or my fellow soldiers.

And if you’re already thinking about Christmas presents, a good one would be supporting Tiger on the Storm. The 25th Anniversary of Desert Storm, as you well know, is coming up on January 15. Everyone who served there and their families should appreciate that they are being remembered. Are you going to post the link?

Valerie: Absolutely. As “Sgt. Nutcracker sez,” go to Indiegogo to help Tiger on the Storm go to print.

Tiger on the Storm Videos

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Tiger on the Storm Videos

Posted: November 5, 2015 in Uncategorized