Help Fund Two Projects at Once!

Posted: November 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

For those of you who don’t know or remember, I said on the Indiegogo site for Tiger on the Storm that funds raised beyond what would cover the costs of creating and printing Tiger on the Storm would go to Heroes Fallen Studios.

Well, here’s how Heroes Fallen Studios would put that money to use. After publishing Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan and Korean War, they have now set up a crowdfunding site of their own to help get the long-awaited second volume of Untold Stories printed and distributed. Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan, vol. 2 includes some of the most awesome and most heartbreaking stories I’ve ever written along with art by fellow Tiger on the Storm creator Richard O’Hara, Heroes Fallen Studios head honcho Clayton Murwin, and many more.

Their fundraising goal is only $5,000. I’m going to do all I can to help, but it would be easier with help from our supporters. So you can go directly to their GoFundMe site. You can donate to the Tiger on the Storm campaign. If we surpass our goal, Heroes Fallen gets the excess. I will likely send some money to help Untold Stories go to print anyway whether or not we make goal just because I’m like that. Or here’s a radical idea!

  1. theheromaker says:

    Please be advised while we appreciate Valerie’s support in spreading the word about Heroes Fallen Studios graphic novel project “Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan ” Volume ll,

    Valerie’s graphic novel project “Tiger On The Storm” is her own and not affiliated with Heroes Fallen Studios Inc. In anyway, other than the fact that she has said any monies raised over their goal amount would be donated to Heroes Fallen Studios Inc. I felt the need to clarify this for transparency reasons.

    Clayton Murwin
    President of Heroes Fallen Studios

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