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Source: Sgt. Nutcracker Sez: It’s Crunch Time!


Valerie Finnigan, writer and now letterer (yeah, that surprised me too) of Tiger on the Storm is busy keeping up with artist Richard O’Hara, lettering and submitting pages as quickly as she gets them. The book is going to happen, folks, but obviously the creators are putting in so much work getting it finished and ready, it’s not easy for them to get the word out about it. So here I am again, speaking for them.

It is indeed crunch time in more ways than one. The creators aren’t just gunning for releasing issue #1 in time for the 25th anniversary of Operation: Desert Storm, which is coming up in January. With mere days left in their current fundraiser, Valerie’s conscripted my help in spreading this last minute message.

Jan 14This page shows a bit of life at King Fahd International Air Base on January 14, 1991, the day before Saddam Hussein’s deadline to pull his troops out of Kuwait. Deadlines make everyone a bit nervous, but they’re meant to simply jolt people into action. Saddam’s deadline came and went, and the book chronicles some of those consequences. Valerie insists nothing so drastic will happen if the campaign doesn’t achieve its goal, but still, what are you waiting for?

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